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LRO Picture Apollo 11
According to NASA:
Landing Site of Apollo 11 with Lunar Module (LM)

Made by LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter).

Date: between 11th and 15th of July 2009. Image width 282 m.

Apollo 11 Landing Site
According to NASA: Landing Site of Apollo 11

Taken by LRO.   Date 9-Nov-2009.  High noon (sun incident angle: 2°) 
Map of Apollo 11 Landing Site
Map 1969
Lunar Map with Apollo 11 Landing Area
Overview Map
The CSM (Command and Service Module) is the Spacecraft for the return to the Earth.

[90° rotated, so that North is approximately on top.]

This overview map is the labelled photo AS11-37-5447, which was made from the Lunar Module (LM) shortly after the separation form the CSM. The map above with the ellipse is a detail of the same photo.

The sequence of the photos as reported by NASA shows an unbelievable yield of the photos: at the first flights around the Moon the following photo of the landing site could additionally be taken:
A single click on the release button had obviously been sufficient to catch the landing site during one of the first flyovers.
A short time after the separation the photo AS11-37-5447 was taken. From this photo the overview map was made as described above. Imagine: during the separation the CSM descends to a lower altitude. Then a photo is taken with the landing area and the CSM directly below the LM. Again a perfect timing!

This is the original photo AS11-37-5447.

The whole sequence of the photos of the magazine 37 (70mm film, Hasselblad camera) can be retraced here: